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Learning about RAWMI. A raw milk seminar

Yes, yes, I don’t have goats – yet! Why let that prevent me from learning, eh?! Last Sunday I attended a raw milk seminar sponsored by The Raw Milk Institute (RAWMI) and the BC Herdshare Association. The speakers were Mark McAfee and Sarah Smith…

Quick vid of the ducks

The ducks give me immense joy. They’re fun, endearing creatures.

Photo slide-show catch-up!

Where did Spring and Summer go? Here’s a photo catch-up!  

Barbie Dolls to rabbits. My journey down the garden path.

Or, dredging the past, digging up s—t, oops, manure, and dolly to rabbit? My mother gave up dressing me in anything with lace. I’d liberate my clothing of the scratchy, hateful stuff, usually found on collars and cuffs. Similarly, after the age of six,…